Jan 2020

Beloved in Christ,


As we greet the first days of the new decade, we would do well to remember that time does not change the guard with canons and trumpets, but with the demure and nonchalant repetition of things we already know and do. We are the ones who make this one night a grand affair. We look back on a year we hoped had gone better, and we look forward to a chance to try again. To borrow a trite phrase, "hindsight is 20/20" and that perhaps is why we look back over the year and note its trials in all their detail and difficulty, and why we optimistically greet a new calendar year hoping for fewer of the trials and more of the blessings. The new year that awaits us is, after all, 2020, so perhaps our resolution this year could be to develop perfect foresight.

Now, I don't mean that we will predict the future, and know exactly how the year will change us. What makes hindsight so clear is that we observe our prior selves from our current station, older and wiser - made so by the very trials and tears we begin each year hoping to avoid. So then, if we change our perspective at the beginning, we can alter our response. If we grant that every moment is a blessing from God, every joy and every sorrow for our growth and benefit, and if we can hold on to this truth throughout the year, then we can make this year one of clear foresight - 2020 vision.

Christ, the Emmanuel, "God-With-Us" is born. The perfection of God has been joined to our imperfection. Eternity has broken into the here-and-now. We are being remade into the humans God always meant us to be. Let us redeem the time given us, by turning away from who we have been - reactive and stumbling - and toward who we are becoming - united in faith with each other, and with our Lord and Savior.

May God bless us all abundantly this year, and may we receive these days with joy, seeing them clearly for what they are - 365 new opportunities to be transfigured into Saints. Pray more; Forgive more; Love more; Repent more and give Glory to God more than ever before.

Sincerely yours,

+Fr. Patrick